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World of Gold - the best gold plated items

World of Gold offers a new polished stainless steel covering material that is close to natural gold!


During twenty-four years of successful activity, providing hundreds of customers with high quality products, World of Gold has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier, promptly solving any requests of its customers. Today, the company holds leading market positions in Ukraine and in Europe regarding application of various metal and nitride-carboxide decorative coating on metal products. Our products are thoroughly tested for all possible operational environment.

The private enterprise World of Gold works in the field of plasma-vacuum technologies for applying decorative coating of various metals and their nitrido-carboxides on metal products.

World of Gold offers a new covering material made of polished stainless steel coated with titanium nitride. Due to its spectral and optical characteristics, titanium nitride coating is close to natural gold and is characterized by high weather resistance and mechanical strength, is more endurable and much cheaper than gold coating applied by the method of gold leaf gilding. Technological methods used in vacuum-plasma coating ensure high adhesion of the applied layer to the substrate. Sheets endure frequent bends without coating peeling and can be used for stamping. This makes it possible to use this material for roofing and facing works. The coating has a high uniformity of thickness and color variance over the entire surface of a large-sized product.

High functional qualities of roofing and facing materials comply with the requirements of regulatory documents according to technical standards (TU U) 28.5-22800793-001-2004 of Ukraine. Decorative and protective coatings retain their qualities for 50 years, which is confirmed by testing them for industrial atmosphere influence, according to the certificate of conformity No. РОСС UA.АЮ31.НО7149. The warranty period of our products is 50 years.

Scope of our activity

The company makes domes, Eastern symbols on the domes, assemblable decorative fencing for stairs and balconies, as well as alloy wheels and accessories covered with titanium nitride.

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World of Gold